Update: Venue Change UIECC14

April 11, 2014

More Great News! There were early indications that attendcance demand for the conference would be stronger than originally anticipated.


So KTIE reached out to their community contacts and landed a big one!  The Fox Performing Arts Center in Riverside is positioning itself as a major venue for nationally recognized acts.


The facility underwent a $32 million dollar renovation 4 years ago and is absolutely pristine inside.  In fact, the room we will be hosting the VIP lunch in has only been used 4 times!


With 1000 seats in the lower level and 600 seats in the balcony, we have ample room to Rock the Conservative House!  Darlene from FOX tols us many people prefer the balcony...and we can see why.  There isn't a bad seat in the house.


The are two drawbacks.  The facility can't provide lunches as we originally planned and there isn't as much room for table displays, so some of us will have to double up.  But these are small concessions given the upside of having more room.  


And for our first Coalition event, it's all adding up to a great coming out party for us.

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