#UIECC16 Tickets Now On Sale - Ensure Your Group Gets Credit

February 15, 2016

Now that tickets are available for purchase, make sure your group gets credit for your tickets being sold. Here is how...


From the Eventbrite ticket purchase page, select 'Get Tickets', select the quantity of the ticket type, and click 'Check Out'. At the bottom of the next page in the 'Registration Information' is a drop down box that asks "Which organization are you with?"  Clicking the drop down arrow brings up a list of UIE Coalition groups participating in this year's Conference.


Make sure your group's members or people you direct to purchase Conference tickets select your group so that you get credit for your efforts.


Here is the direct link to the Eventbrite ticket sales page:  http://bit.ly/UIECC16_Tickets


When sending out emails or facebook posts, be sure to let people know to select your group name from the drop down box.


Let us know how it's going and if anyone is having any issues registering for the Conference. Email us directly at info@uniteie.com

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