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Senate leadership introduced a resolution to "suspend" with full pay 3 Senators embroiled in legal scandals or have been found guilty of felonies

Watch Senator Anderson's floor speech with his reaction to this resolution...

State Senator Joel Anderson's speech on the Senate floor about his reaction to the handling of his resolution to hold 3 Senator's accountable for their criminal behavior.

State Senator Joel Anderson appeared on the Rick Amato show to discuss the culture of corruption in Sacramento regarding the handling by the majority Democratic party of the arrest of 3 Senators.

Help Senator Anderson hold these law breakers accountable and restore the Senate's integrity...
What you can do to help...
Write a quick short email...

This story is generating national and state media attention over the last weeks.


Senator Anderson was the lone vote against a resolution that amounted to a 'slap on the wrist' of three Senators that have been convicted or indicted.  The three are:



In the past, when Senators were faced with these legal troubles, they either resigned or were expelled. But that's not the case with these three.  In a sharp departure from past practices, Senate leadership has chosen to suspend with pay and benefits these three Senators.


Read more about this developing scandalous behavior in these articles...



Senator Anderson is clearly standing alone in defense of the integrity of the Senate. Now he needs your help if the fight to hold Senators accountable to the laws they create is going to continue.


Would you reach out to your friends, neighbors, and colleagues to ask for their letter/email of support? We must send a clear message to Sacramento politicians: No Senator is above the law!


Anyone wishing to send an email/letter in support of Senator Anderson's efforts on this issue should email their support to Senator Anderson will deliver these letters of support to his colleagues personally


A sample letter of support could look like this:


"Senator Anderson -- Thank you for opposing Senate Resolution 38. I support your effort to restore integrity to the Senate Floor, and I agree with you that no Senator is above the law!



Full Name


City, State Zip

Phone Number

Email Address"


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