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Find A Group Near You

Map of Coalition Members

Coalition groups are located throughout the Inland Empire. Click on the 'pin' flags to view their name, meeting location, meeting dates and contact information.


Don't see a group in your area? How about starting one! Our research shows there are thousands of like minded people in every community who are frustrated like you, but don't know where to go, what to do or how to get involved.

Navigation Tips: To move the map, place your cursor over the map and a hand appears.  Left click and hold while moving the mouse to drag the map to position it for better viewing.


Zoom: If the 'pin markers' are too close, use the '+' sign to enlarge the map to make it easier to click on them.


Pop Out: Click on the '[  ]' in the upper right corner for a full screen view of the map in a separate browser tab.

Having trouble viewing the map?  There could be several reasons.

1. Not all browsers work the same.  For instance, certain versions of Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser will not display google maps correctly.  If you are using IE as your browser, try a different browser such as Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

2. You may need to set up a google account (free and easy) in order to view the calendar.

If you are still having a problem viewing the Unite IE calendar, please help us by reporting it to

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