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3rd Annual 2016 Conservative Conference Updates and Resources

Check this page often. In addition to updates, we'll include resources to help you promote the conference.

Now that tickets are available for purchase, make sure your group gets credit for your tickets being sold. Here is how...


From the Eventbrite ticket purchase page, select 'Get Tickets', select the quantity of the ticket type, and click 'Check Out'. At the bottom of the next page in the 'Registration Information' is a drop down box that asks "Which organization are you with?"  Clicking the drop down arrow brings up a list of UIE Coalition groups participating in this year's Conference.


Make sure your group's members or people you direct to purchase Conference tickets select your group so that you get credit for your efforts.


Here is the direct link to the Eventbrite ticket sales page:


When sending out emails or facebook posts, be sure to let people know to select your group name from the drop down box.


Let us know how it's going and if anyone is having any issues registering for the Conference. Email us directly at

The Conference facebook event page has been launched! Harness the power of social media to spread awareness about the 2016 Unite IE Conservative Conference. Check it out...


There are many ways to use the #UIECC16 facebook page, including...

  • Post the event page to your personal facebook timeline often. Simply copy and past the page URL.

  • Share it on your group's facebook page or other groups that your involved with.

  • Click the 'Going' button and invite your facebook friends.

  • Include the link in your emails and other notifications.

  • Tweet it out!

  • Do all the above often. They say it take up to 6 impressions in marketing for people to 'see' something and take action.


To invite your facebook friends to the event page:

  1. Click the "Going" tab and click "Going".

  2. That activates the "Invite" button and clicking that brings up a list of all your facebook frends.

  3. Select all your facebook friends to invite them to the event page.

  4. Then send them an email letting them know you invited them.

  5. Encourage all who have registered to post on the event page.

You can also post the facebook event page URL onto your group's website and include it in all your emails.


And by all means, let everyone know that you're involved in organizing the event!


Have a social media success story? Let us know and we'll share it here.


Click here to go to the facebook event page.

It couldn't be easier to get out the word about this year's conference. Use the collection of memes we've produced.


Click here to jump to the Meme portfolio page


Simply click on 'Social Media Memes' in the 'Promotional Resource' column on the right side of this page, click on any of the memes to download them to the desktop of your computer and post to facebook and twitter.


Click here to see the full portfolio of memes and instructions for downloading them.

Thanks to John Berry and his media out reach on behalf of the #UIECC15, the media is getting the word out about the Conference. First out of the gate has been the Press Enterprise, but inquiries are starting to flow in.


Sharing these reports is a great way build the excitement and buzz about the event. Post them on your facebook pages and tweet them out!


We will keep this list updated as new ones are published.  Let us know if your local papers publish them and we will post the links here.


NEW: Conference Press Release

Press Enterprise January 20th


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