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Featured Video of The Week

Earthquake in Chicago

Here is the video featured in our January 4th radio show.  This is clearly NOT the response that Al Sharpton and his National Action Network was expecting at this Chicago Town Hall meeting to discuss gun violence to advance the gun control agenda.

Check out these great videos.

Check back often since we are constently updating this list.  Please forward any videos you feel would be good to add.

IRS By The Numbers

Still think that the IRS is a "phony scandal"?

Sorry, but the numbers aren't adding up Mr. President!

Congressman Louie Gohmert

Discussing the government shutdown and Benghazi.

The Bill of 'Needs' or The Bill of 'Rights'?  Like people telling you what to do? As government gets bigger, get used to it.     Or...  TAKE ACTION to stop governmental overreach. "Freedom isn't free". It requires maintenance and protection. The first step is to GET INFORMED. 

David Horowitz - "Fight Fire With Fire"

A rousing speech on how conservatives should be messaging to defeat the liberal progressive political left.

Solution for Amnesty

A Mexican immigrant who is a long time listener of Rush Limbaugh shares how Mexican's view government.

Calls and Letters to Elected Representatives Makes a Difference

If you don't think that calling or writing your elected representatives doesn't make a difference, watch this video.

From The IRS to Benghazi to Obamacare: Our Totalitarian Future

J. Christian Adams - Justice Department Whistleblower

Catherine Engelbrecht - True The Vote on being targeted by the IRS

Charles Johnson - Investigative Journalist on breaking news

Cleta Mitchell - Attorney representing True The Vote in their lawsuit against the IRS.

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